Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Last One!

Ian McPeake, out Senior Intern
For weeks, we've been talking about how a Google Sheets script would improve our bibliography feedback system. Well our Senior Intern, Ian McPeake tackled the project, and today, he succeeded! All nine students who submitted bibliographies this afternoon received an email in their inbox providing a score, a list of items to revise, and an invitation to resubmit the updated version for further review. Here is a sample email:

Many students found accessing their feedback confusing. We hope that this facilitates the process.

Every summer, we publish our criteria for the summer reading list. We try to include very recent publications except for a handful of classics, a balance between adult and young adult fiction, we include a wide array of perspectives and experiences as well as genres. We aim to celebrate diversity with our selections. Our complete summer reading list is posted at This year, this process inspired us to update our materials selection policy; not just for the summer reading list, but for the entire collection. We are including it here.

As the semester winds to a close, many classes are creating 3D projects in the makerspace. Earth Science students have cycled through to create a alien that could subsist on the student's assigned planet or moon. Some of those photos follow:

The makerspace is for teachers too!

 And finally, this was found on a librarian's desk this week. We had to share.