Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Many Faces of Absolutism
"Maker education fosters curiosity, tinkering, and iterative learning, which in turn leads to better thinking through better questioning."~ Laura Fleming

Timer Task

Cell Membrane Model
Our library Makerspace is really booming! We now have space and materials for 3D printing, virtual reality, coding, robotics, and creating with maker materials. Teachers have been scheduling their classes in the makerspace, as well as the collaborative spaces in the library to work on exciting projects that tie in with their learning objectives and curriculum. Some of the projects completed in the Makerspace so far this year, with teacher and librarian collaboration, include The Many Faces of Absolutism (Global 2), Timer Task (Earth Science), Board Game Prototypes (Game Design), Thoreau Children’s Book (AMSTUD), River Valley Museum Exhibit (Global 1), Cell Membrane Models (Biology), Writing Prompt Creation (Creative Writing), and Principles of Economics Posters (Economics). Click on the assignments to see more information about each project.

River Valley Museum

In addition to teachers scheduling our space for their classes, students drop in and out regularly to work on academic assignments, school-wide activities and personal creative projects on their own time. Our TechXperts and Maker Majors are preparing to set up Maker Challenges and educational workshops for students who want to learn coding, create videos, and make circuits, among other things.

TechXpert Independent Study Project

Our calendar is available to view online. If you follow this link you can see what is scheduled, as well as the classes that have been through the Makerspace. Click on any event and "more details" to see an attached assignment document.

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